Just Three People Playing Music Together

Do you miss us?

Lord knows we miss all of you. Pithy Sweet will be back in action soon, possibly with one of our infamous “We Ain’t Dead Yet” shows.

Just a brief breakdown of where we’ve been. Ben has been busy being all engaged (more babes for everyone else amirite?!). Bobby Robert has been prancing around the country in the Robert Jon Experience and I have been having my soul crushed at this desk job. Needless to say, we are all in need of some shows. There’s nothing quite like sharing music with all of you and we cannot wait to get out there and do it again. Be looking for some upcoming events and shows and remember to start checking back to this website as I finally remembered the password and login name! Now, I have to stop writing at the moment. I apologize for making this so brief but I am currently at that soul crushing job and my boss said he’s going to fire me if he catches me on any non-work related websites or using customer’s credit card numbers on Bangbros.com again. Bottom line is that we miss you all and we will be back full force soon! Again, sorry to keep this so pithy! (Good stuff, E-Man)


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