Just Three People Playing Music Together


Pithy Sweet doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. This trio, consisting of Ben Kent on vocals and guitar, Evan Novorot on bass and Robert Burrison on drums, writes music with only one goal in mind, to creatively express each individual member through the collective band. Born from the ashes of The American Gypsies, these three long time friends only wish to write the music that makes them happy and to share it with anyone willing to listen.

Influences by local music, classic rock and the old albums their dads used to play, Pithy Sweet has been writing and playing music for roughly two years. Prior to Pithy Sweet, however, the three boys have played in various bands and projects together since they were 16. Having suffered through various lineup changes, sounds and other growing pains for the first year or so, Pithy Sweet finally settled on the nucleus of all their other projects and have not looked back since.

The band looks to have many more shows in Los Angeles and Orange County and, having just finished recording their EP, will be setting out on a tour of California and beyond. Come out and introduce yourself because above all, the band wants to get to know you.



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