Just Three People Playing Music Together


Silverlake Lounge Tonight!

Hey ya’ll,
We’ll be playing at the Silverlake Lounge Tonight! 9pm Sharp get there early.
We’ll be playing with our good friends The Steelwells, and great band Last American Buffalo.

Check out the Event on Facebook for more details.


And be sure to come and say Hi!


Mastering “Hole In My Pocket” EP later this week.

Don’t know what it means to master an album? That’s okay, neither does our bass player.

Photo shoot tomorrow!

We’ll be at train tracks or something like that. My suggestion for a Jurassic Park theme photo shoot seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Promo Video for “Hole in My Pocket” EP

Here’s a promotional video for upcoming EP “Hole in My Pocket”

Check it out and post it as you please.